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Pragmatic Development


I got a good lesson this week in why it’s necessary to think out the code, before you start coding. I’ve been working on learning Python as my general scripting language. Frankly I find it easier to understand than Perl.

Dev Diary – TS5356 – Adv App Dev

no crying in programming

I recently completed a development course for my Master’s program. The course was about creating a website for a fictional company using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and JSP. Now normally, I post my course work here on

Enterprise Database Systems

For the Enterprise Database Systems course, the class focused heavily on organizations having multiple databases on the network without communication between the databases. The course project used a regional hospital as an example. The hospital was under going growth and

SE Dev & Theory : Assignment 4 – ERD and Process Modeling

Assignment 4 for the SE class was focused on ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams) and process modeling. We were suppiled with a fictious organization as basis for our ERD. I believe it had something to do with the record industry.  

Intro to Enterprise Application Architecture: Strategic Plan

Introduction to Enterprise Application Architecture was broken up into two parts. The first part was to spend the quarter developing a strategic IT plan for a fictional cabinet hardware company, Heathwood Hardware (HHI), based on analysis. The second part of

SE Dev & Theory : Assignment 8 – Training and Documentation

The last paper I wrote for this course was on training and documentation. Once again, I based on the paper on an example from work. I used the training plan for our ERP migration as the example.   Click here